SMS Marketing

MeeTaan Business Solution might want to present you our Bulk Sms Service, that helps you to grow your business' capacity across over India. SMS Marketing Service helps you to inform news, promotion, from your business direct to the right focus of your clients. With BULK SMS Marketing Service, you can save cost from the other advertising program, and enhance you're Marketing arrangement through this effective framework. SMS Marketing service is the best decision for you to improve your strategy for success', and increase more opportunities and channels for your business to achieve the goal effectively.

Advantage of SMS Marketing:
Brand Promotion:

With regards to expand the business, branding should be done in a manner that it can affect most of the targeted audience. A SMS makes direct reach to the client. It explains everything to the focused on targeted customers in an extremely basic. Each of the a customer needs to do is to peruse the content. No Technical knowledge required to do this action. Additionally, it takes minor seconds to read the message. In the event that you attempt to achieve the clients through call, the majority of the calls may get dropped because of hectic schedule of the person. Likewise, once in a while calling at some inconvenient time to the clients may turn them intrusive, but though, SMS means can be read by them in their available time. Likewise, one may overlook the things talked about over call yet SMS stay there in inbox to remind them on the off chance that they overlook.

Instant Deliverbility:

SMS is exceptionally quick, truly putting your message into your subscribers pockets or purses seconds after you send. The average time for every mobile carriers and SMS services is under 7 seconds from send to got. However, other marketing strategies are additionally unimaginably quick, yet nothing contrasts with the quickness of SMS.

High Conversion Rate:

With SMS, there is an extraordinarily high rate of subscriber activity. Whatever your SMS is – advancements or challenges – there is more action taken compared to other marketing or promotion strategies.


Not at all like email, SMS doesn't need to fight against spam or other email channels. On the off chance that anything, SMS is all the more an immediate association with your client base than whatever other showcasing methodology, and there aren't any boundaries.