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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a sort of internet marketing where the publisher is rewarded with a few presents or money as commission. Affiliate Marketing covers different sorts of online marketing techniques like search engine and email promoting where the publishers needs to take care of their online retailers. Affiliate marketing services have assumed a huge part while redirecting traffic from other source. The game is among four teams including the merchant proprietor of brand, the network, the client & lastly the publisher.

In Affiliate Marketing services there are three primary focuses that clearly acquire careful solutions of high diverted traffic,

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  • Cost per Action/Cost per Lead (CPA/CPL)
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Revenue Sharing
Cost Per Action (CPA)/Cost per Lead (CPL):

It is likewise known by pay per click action where the promoter pays for every desire action like on purchasing item, filling online form, billing payment & etc. It is all rely on arrangement and agreement between affiliate partners.

Contextual Advertising :

It is a sort of focused on promoting where content is use to show an advertisement on different sources. Google adsense is one of the popular and successful logical adverting sources. Apart from Google there are numerous organizations and sources bargain in contextual advertising like Chennai Online Marketing offers compete services under best Affiliate marketing solutions.

High Conversion Rate:

With SMS, there is an extraordinarily high rate of subscriber activity. Whatever your SMS is – advancements or challenges – there is more action taken compared to other marketing or promotion strategies.

Revenue Sharing :

This is about sharing benefit in for of money, commissions, coupons, gifts and some more. Revenue sharing is also called by cost per sale where the publicist pays for each deal held under the affiliate marketing campaign. It is constantly better to choose the type of revenue sharing while signing an agreement of affiliate marketing.

Here Chennai Online Marketing carries you with the complete solution for affiliate marketing programs that help you in keeping up your brand, expanding deal, and achieving your goals in appreciation of rising online income. Here, the team of affiliate marketing deals manages different sources implies advertisers who are interested on giving a space to affiliation and also deals with various web portals who want to publish their products to different affiliate websites. So, Chennai Online Marketing act as vendor or third party where one can expect reliable and worthy services under the system of affiliate marketing campaign and get ROI oriented marketing through Chennai Online Marketing.